Creative problem solving is at the heart of what SG Design & Photography specializes in. We have diligently helped hundreds of clients over the last 15 years realize their success goals through clever design, beautiful on-point photography, captivating writing and intelligent marketing. But our boundaries don’t stop there. Being creative means exploring many mediums and always being present with what’s going on around us.

As the CEO and creative director at my bespoke design studio, I always ensure to take the time to personally get to know my clients and do the research and planning it takes to achieve exactly what they want. I am a multidisciplinary designer, artist and avid music lover. I hold a Specialized Honours degree in Design from the York/Sheridan Joint Design Programme, with a lifetime spent in the art, design and music industries. Following my university education, I spent about a decade working in publishing houses, private clubs, freelancing and teaching privately, as well at Seneca college before I had my second son. I learned and mastered what it takes to satisfy a variety of clients and people from all walks of life with various unique goals. I finally decided it was time to open my own studio joining everything I love and am good at into one amazing career. I believe everyone has the ability to turn their passion into a brilliant business venture, especially with the social and technological opportunities in front of us today. Continuously learning and collaborating with other brilliant like-minded people is the way to attain what you want out of life.

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